HR Technology/ HRIS

Disruptive technology trends have revolutionized the very practice of HR and require HR leaders to have a new set of technology-related competencies.

A recent research article by MIT Sloan indicates that 82 percent of Chief Human Resource Officer (CHRO) respondents say their companies need digitally savvy leaders. Yet in that same study only 40 percent say that their organizations are building robust pipelines of leaders with digital skills.

HR leaders must have a technology strategy. That plan must:

• Address the HR technology trends and follow best practices, effectively leveraging and incorporating technology.

An HR digital plan must address the five HR technology trends that have revolutionized how we work:

1. Social Media
2. Data Analytics
3. Cloud Computing
4. Mobility
5. The Internet of Things

While we will examine them individually, the power comes from interconnectivity and interdependence of the technologies.

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