Workplace relations are a key influence on productivity, innovation, skill formation and adaptability of businesses, across industries. In the current landscape, organizations which are seeking to transform workforce engagement functions, to drive growth and create a sustainable workforce,need new thinking and strategies.

If you are an organization in the transitions state from small to medium size enterprise and not able to afford a HR manager, our HR advisory consultant can play the role of HR manager to help your organization set up the HR policy and regulations in line with the Labour Laws. Ranging from designing high-level HR strategies to handling day-day conflict resolutions in your organization, our HR manager can help you redefine your Human Resources space as a strategic function.

We provide practical, interactive and customizable HR Solutions that can be tailored to meet specific organizational requirements. We provide end to end HR solutions right from policy creation, design and installation of HR systems and processes

• Creation of the best in standard HR policy and rules in compliant with Labour Laws
• Design and establishment of end to end HR systems and processes
• Industry standard templates created for every official communication (appointment, confirmation and experience letters)
• Benchmarking employees and identifying right job bands, job family, compensation and benefits
• Resolving the disputes and conflicts which arise in work environment.

We Provide Complete HR Solutions to build a high performance organization!